Mind maps to learn Italian words and expressions

How to create a mind map to learn Italian

It's been a long time since I published video below. There I was experimenting with a tool I had just learned: mind mapping. And I know it may not have been a good mind map. I just wanted to show you how to create a mind map and I did it while telling you a story.



Watch the video for the story titled: "Scrollarsi la terra di dosso" that I recorded very long ago (2009)

What does "scrollarsi la terra di dosso" mean?

Look up for the meaning! In the video I use the key word "addosso"...which mean "on the shoulders", or in general "on your body". There are many expressions with this word.

avere (portare) qualcosa addosso

piangersi addosso...that is to feel sorry for oneself

But the expression used in the story is scrollarsi di dosso, one of the characters of the story si scrolla la terra di dosso e a piccoli passi risale...

Iiiihhhh hoooo;-)




Well, time goes by and recently I have started using mind mapping and brought it to another level. On my 40th birthday (yes, I am that young:-) I started drawing a wonderful story that I read on a book (Transforming Tales by Rob Parkinson) and then while watching the map, I started telling the story. Then, I repeated the same process for a lot of other stories that you can find on the playlist below and I have also started using them as a tool to teach Italian with my students!

Mind maps, invented by Tony Buzan, can help you get the story while listening to it, but they also help you tell the story yourself. And this is really a wonderful exercise for your Italian. What do you think? If you want to know more about how to use mind maps to learn a language, visit the link below with an article in English:

>>>>>>How you can use mind maps to speak Italian better and better?<<<<<<<


Do you want to know more about learning Italian with mind maps? Discover

The secrets of the Italian language

A book to always keep next to other Italian books and courses. It will help you while learning the Italian language, either if you study by yourself or if you take a class. Here is the basic idea of this English speaker oriented manual: The horizontal format on two columns (with English parallel text) lets you discover the tricks of learning the language directly in Italian as well Tony Buzan’s mind maps ( By studying the books of this English psychologist, “the most important researcher in the fields of learning, intelligence development and memory”, the author, an Italian teacher Ditals certified, gets inspiration to create and draw several mind maps showing frequent Italian words and basic grammar. Thanks to the internet and multimedia, “The secrets of the Italian language” can be heard through the real author’s voice. The book is divided in three parts. In the first section, about the vocabulary, you will discover, among other things, memory techniques and an easy way to use flash cards. In the second section, you can see how easy it is to cope and solve the first hurdles of the Italian grammar, verbs and prepositions. In the third section, in full color, you will look at the mind maps of the most common Italian words. These mind maps have been hand drawn or created through the official Buzan’s IMINDMAP software.

What do people say about this book?

5.0 out of 5 stars Fun & Effective, August 2, 2009


C. Clyne

"I Segreti della Lingua Italiana" contains a highly effective and enjoyable approach to learning basic Italian. The book's bilingual layout (English & Italian text) combined with its use of pedagogical aids, such as mind-maps, simplify and elucidate the basic structure of the Italian language allowing the reader to effortlessly absorb and internalise its content. The concepts introduced cannot only be applied to develop the reader's competency in Italian but are crucial keys to unlocking the secrets of learning in general. This book is both highly effective and fun - a superb combination for language learning!

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Draw your own mind maps!

A mind map for the prince swordsman's tale

Draw your mind maps! It may seem a chidish thing, but you will have fun and you will give something colourful things to do and see to the right emisphere of your brain.

I bet you have heard  that an image is worth thousand words, haven't you?

Here you can look at the mindmap of the prince swordsman's tale. It is colourful, simple and fun to create. And it helps you to remember the story of the prince swordsman. It also helps you remember new words and more. What do you need to make that? A sheet of white paper, some coloured pencils and your fantasy. I have written a key word on each branch. Do you remember the story? (It's also in the book the Secrets of the Italian language)

Can mind maps help you speak Italian better and better? My answer is: yes, absolutely! After you listened to Italian, after you have made your mind on how the language works, you may need to have a big picture of grammar rules or to categorize words and here come mind maps!

So, my piece of advice is to draw your own mind maps and have fun while learning Italian, even though you may be telling yourself you're not good at drawing. You don't have to show your mind maps, it's something personal, just for you, to help you internalize the content you put on it.

I always have fun while drawing them.

Do you know that in "the secrets of the Italian language", you can find many mind maps of Italian words and grammar? And how to create them too!

If you want to read further on mind maps, please remember that Tony Buzan is the inventor of them and you can easly learn how to create yours in a couple hours of practice.

Here you have a good book to start with:


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